Friday, September 5, 2008

About John

I am a tenured Associate Professor of Engineering at Trinity College. I also teach environmental science and public policy. I've lived in West Hartford since 1996, and raised four children here. West Hartford has been extremely good to me and my family, and I will always be deeply grateful. I strongly believe that there is real need for leadership in the state legislature to maintain and improve the quality of life for everyone in Connecticut.

I am not a republican or a democrat. I am a problem-solver, and an independent (although I was registered as a democrat until recently). I detest partisan politics, and would like to see our elected officials behave as public servants, and address the large, long-term problems facing our state.

I will be on the ballot for the Connecticut for Lieberman (CFL) Party. PLEASE NOTE: I AM NOT a supporter of Joe Lieberman. We have taken over the CFL, and turned it into an anti-war, anti-corruption party, and we reject Joe Lieberman as representative of the views of a majority of Connecticut voters. We did this because the Independent Party was denied a petition to collect signatures by the Secretary of the State in 2006. So we chose to take over the CFL and use it for ballot access. Please check out our website:
and you can send me an email at:

Here's a summary of some of my positions:
• Education – charter schools, improve science curriculum K-5, see website for others.
• Fiscal Responsibility –
We’re facing some tough years. We need to deal with upcoming budget deficits, and maintain our social safety nets, by closing corporate tax loopholes.
• Reduce State Debt - end the reign of the appointed state bonding commission that has accrued $16 billion of state debt. (Nearly the highest per capita in the country!)
• Environment – increase recycling (recycling has dropped in CT), reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, and create jobs, through non-fossil fuel electricity generation.
• Stop Eminent Domain Abuse – pass specific legislation.
• Pass a Real Ethics Bill – convicted politicians should not receive state pensions.
• Fight Corruption - close corporate tax loopholes, support campaign finance reform.
• Term Limits – 12 years is long enough in one particular office. We need public
servants, not career politicians.
• Transparency in Government – Pass legislation that requires all organizations that receive state tax dollars to be covered by the Freedom of Information Act (FOI).
• Keep government out of our personal lives.
• End Capital Punishment.
• Tax credits only for businesses that make long term investments in Connecticut.

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