Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Auto Insurance

Connecticut Law requires all Connecticut drivers to purchase "uninsured/underinsured motorists" insurance. (Check your insurance statement: it's on there.) This coverage is deceptive: the only thing this covers is medical expenses that you and your passengers may incur if you are hit by a driver without adequate coverage. It does NOT cover physical damage to your vehicle. So, if you have adequate health insurance, this coverage is redundant.

In addition, insurance companies automatically set your coverage at $100,000/$200,000, five times the legally required levels. In order to reduce your coverage, you are required to send in a written request to lower it. And, the insurance companies don't tell you that you can do this unless you ask.

I believe that we should be allowed to show proof of health insurance coverage to our auto insurance companies and opt out of paying for this redundant coverage. (How many of you have EVER used your "uninsured/underinsured motorist" insurance?) And, I believe that insurance companies should be required by law to inform us of our options.

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