Saturday, August 23, 2008


Here are a few specific things we should be doing now to help the environment. They will also improve our economy and save us money.

Connecticut should pass the same kind of resolution passed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, prohibiting the use of state funds to purchase bottled water except during emergencies. Why? If you fill a bottle of water 1/3 with petroleum, it shows you how much equivalent oil it takes to put that bottle of water in your hand. Drinking bottled water is costly and bad for the environment. In addition, it's healthier to drink tap water! There are scientific studies that show drinking out of plastic bottles may contribute to long term health problems, especially for children.

Nuclear power: I support beginning the process of building another nuclear power plant in Connecticut (similar to the Millstone plants). I realize this is controversial, but every source of energy has pros and cons. Nuclear power produces nuclear waste that must be stored. However, fossil fuels produce greenhouse gases and air pollution, which I believe are worse problems. In addition, fossil fuel prices, and electricity prices, have risen drastically in Connecticut the last 10 years. Building another nuclear plant will lower electricity prices, ease the strain on the energy supply in Connecticut, drastically reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in Connecticut, and create a lot of jobs.

I am a big proponent of wind and solar power (especially wind). Unfortunately, they are not viable as large energy sources in Connecticut due to our climate and geography.

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